Crafts: Marrakech announces the color

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Crafts: Marrakech announces the color

The pigments that you find in the stalls of Marrakech souk are natural mineral, organic or animal. The pigments, added to a binder form the paint.

We find in Marrakech pigments of different colors: blue, red, pink, green, yellow …

The most famous blue pigment is that of Mont Atlas in Morocco. It is therefore not trivial if it is often found in the souks of Marrakech. We discover it under various names: royal blue, majorelle blue … It was tested on a wooden table leg: beautiful little nod to Yves Saint Laurent inspired Majorelle Garden!
Yellow and orange are usually derived from seeds or plant roots such as saffron, gaude or buckthorn.
The red comes from the eggs of the female cochineal, a small insect that is often found on cacti. Why are you doing this head?
The madder red comes from the plant of the same name; from its root more exactly.
Purple comes from the crushed shell of murex, a small shell.
The black color is usually sourced from the ink of the cuttlefish.
Today, we use of course synthetic pigments whose cost is lower but they do not have the charm of those found in Marrakech and have the merit of being 100% natural! This is an excellent souvenir to bring back to your DIY friends.

If you want to use them yourself, here are some tips:

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You can use a fixative to make the color stick.
Be careful, if you mix the pigment with iron sulfate, it tends to darken the hue.
Pigments can also be used in beeswax to revive the color of furniture.
If you want to create your own paint, you can add to the pigments a very simple binder to find: egg for tempera paint, oil to get oil paint, or gum arabic for to arrive at watercolor.

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