Crafts in Marrakech: “Rug”

Crafts in Marrakech: “This dream blueuuuu”

It’s been ages that I want to replace this imitation of Persian carpet that I drag as a carpet in the middle of the living room. When we choose to go to Marrakech for the holidays, I decide to plan a budget to renew this carpet! Marrakech is famous for its crafts, right?

In the souk, I “zyeute” all over the mounds of carpets that I see in the stalls. I think I like Berber-type ones with ethnic symbols on a red background. I decide to meet a seller to get an idea of ​​the price.

I was warned before my departure for Marrakech: “Use the bluff” … So I decided to put this method into practice and asked the bazarist the price of a carpet that I do not like (he should think that it is the one that I want and put a high price and lower others). He asks me 2000 dhs. Ok. I push the technique further by asking the price of another that I also do not find for my taste.

Ha? This one and more expensive 2500 dhs. It does not really work this technique. It should have been cheaper the second, right?

Fairly played, I finally ask the price of the one I like, the red! And there, the seller annoys me by saying that he does not see why he would give me the price of the latter because I prefer the other 2 … Uh, the bluff would he turn against me?

I insist and the seller announces me 3200 Dhs. This one is the one I really like! With my recently purchased cushions and my coffee table, this red will make superb! I try a mini-negotiation story to be able to tell when I return from vacation that “if, yes, I negotiated” when in fact, the tariff suits me perfectly.


Packed, it’s folded! (I’m talking about the carpet)

The seller offers me a small mint tea … I accept with pleasure and sit quietly on a pile of coiled carpets.

Heuuu, there’s something I did not think about: how do I bring this huge rug back to France? He does not fit in my cabin luggage, if?

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