Crafts in Marrakech: “Rug”

Crafts in Marrakech: “This dream blueuuuu” It’s been ages that I want to replace this imitation of Persian carpet that I drag as a carpet in the middle of the living room. When we choose to go to Marrakech for the holidays, I decide to plan a budget to renew this carpet! Marrakech is famous […]


Ouarzazate is located at 1,160 meters above sea level in the wadi of the same name. This city is home to a craft center exhibiting and marketing products of local crafts including the famous carpet “Ouzguitas” bright colors woven by the tribe of Ait Ouaouzguite which includes twenty families. The rural weavings of the region […]

Crafts: Marrakech announces the color

morocco handmade art

Crafts: Marrakech announces the color The pigments that you find in the stalls of Marrakech souk are natural mineral, organic or animal. The pigments, added to a binder form the paint. We find in Marrakech pigments of different colors: blue, red, pink, green, yellow … The most famous blue pigment is that of Mont Atlas […]